I recieved a call from a woman with a strong Spanish accent stating that she was from a company called Escullate LLC calling about a debt. I found this call very suspicious because I DO NOT HAVE any debts. I pay all bills in a timely manner.

The woman called me she sid she is calling from Escullate LLC about debt and before she can proceed I must provide her with my address, social security numbr and Date of Birth. WTF????

My first response was no. You called me you should already have that information. I told her before I proceed she needs to tell me the name of the corporation that claims that I have a debt with. For all I know she is some random person calling my number trying to solicit my information for identity theft. I would know if her call is authentic if she could at least provide the name of the corporation because I know who I do business with. Of course, she refused. The way any scam artist would because they do not have the facts.

I honestly believe that if the call was authentic the following procedures would have been conducted to resolve a debt.

1) Hire a staff who can clearly and articulately speak ENGLISH.

2)Would not call asking for my DATE of Birth, Social Security Number and Address simply to verify who they are speking with.I find this very suspicious especially when there are thousands of people who become victims of Identity Theft.

3) Would have stated the name of the company, Doctor, establishment etc., who stated there is a debt.

4) I told the rude and unporfessional person that if their goal is to resolve a debt send me a bill or written notice of the debt and information in writting. She refused to do so.

So, I am sharing this experince with you because I think they are a fraud. If they truly wanted to resolve a debt they would have cooperated and provided information of the debt oppose to obtaining my personal information to do with however they please.

I don't think by them calling me on my cel phone is allowed especially since I am on the do not call registry to prevent this type of foolishness.

Why do I think they are Frauds? Since the rude phone call I contacted businesses and was not informed of any debts. I called Dr. offices and hospitals they have my health insurance on file. There are no debts reported.


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Ma'am, debt collectors collecting on medical accounts ARE REQUIRED by LAW & HIPPA to verify they are speaking with the correct party.Medical info is very sensitive & cannot be discussed with a third party without permission from the responsible party.

Often enough some fail to know, fail to hear & accept explanation that while a hosp has your ins info & they say you don't owe anything, the Physician bills separately & many times the Physicians billing office doesn't get all the billing info. This would cover things such as ins, current address & without verification you won't even be told a bill was sent but it came back as a mail return & this is why you didn't receive the bill notification.

If you are one of those people who says "I got ins, I don't owe anybody nothing, I pay all my bills" and hangs up without a simple verification of your date of birth, your mailing address, OR last 4 ssn (never all of those or even full ssn) but if you are one of those people slamming the phone down then I can guarantee you'll call back because you have a ding on your credit report & had you been a little more cooperative the story would have ended on a positive note-your ins billed & no more collection calls.

Furthermore, if you were all of innocent victim here, you could have called Escallate & asked for a supervisor, an even higher person would have been an email address of the VP.

I rest my case.


They are a medical collections company.


BEWARE BEFORE Paying suspecious BILLS make sure you check if its true!,!! good thing i read this i just receive a letter from ESCALLATE LLC too, saying that i still have balance due,regarding my medical payment.i will go to the hospital to confirm if this is true and will show them the letter i received.

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